The Effective Implementation Cohort (EIC) is a project designed to help school districts implement an instructional system that supports using a high-quality middle school math curriculum.  The EIC will:

Increase districts’ capacity to implement a high-quality middle-grade math curriculum to accelerate learning for students experiencing poverty, Black, Latino/a, and/or English Learner (EL)-Designated students.

Learn and share with others outside of the project what districts need to have in place for effective implementation, what aspects of implementation at the district and school level most benefit priority students, and the work involved in making site-wide implementation successful.

The EIC will study questions that focus on the conditions that support the effective implementation of curricula. The specific learning questions fall under the following categories:

Application of
Established Practice


Variability in Implementation


Read the EIC Learning Agenda for more information on the learning questions.

Cohort Materials

Providers and LEAs participating in the Effective Implementation Cohort may access all session materials and support resources by logging in to this site. Please email with your name, title, and organization to obtain a login.  

Publications & Resources

Variability in Implementation
Implementation Strategies for Systems Change: Insights and Lessons Learned
Enabling Contexts
EIC Brief: Strengthening Implementation Through Cross-District Collaboration
Year 2 Formative Report – Fall 2023
Effective Implementation Cohort